How to do ?

1. Registration as a Seller
  • Log in to your account on the website.
  • Go to the "My Seller Account" section.
  • Fill out the registration form and submit it.
  • Wait for approval from the marketplace administrator.
2. Store Management
  • Once approved, you can manage your store in the "My Seller Account" section.
  • You can add, modify, or remove your products.
  • Configure your store settings, such as holiday hours.
3. Communication with Customers
  • Customers can contact you through the contact form on your store.
  • Respond to customer inquiries promptly and professionally.
4. Order Management
  • Manage orders containing your products in the "My Seller Account" section.
  • Update order statuses accurately.
5. Commissions and Payments
  • Keep track of your commissions and earnings.
  • You can request a withdrawal when you've earned enough.
6. Store Customization
  • Customize your store by selecting attributes, features, shipping methods, and brands.
7. Reporting and Reviews
  • Receive reports and reviews from customers.
  • Maintain a high standard of service to obtain positive reviews.
8. Statistical Control
  • Monitor your store's performance through the control panel.
  • Use statistical data to improve your selling strategies.
9. Support
  • For questions or issues, contact the marketplace administrator or support.

What can I do ?

  1. Registration as a Seller:
    • Possibility to register as a seller on the marketplace.
  2. Store Management:
    • Creation, modification, and removal of your own products.
    • Configuration of store settings, including holiday hours.
    • Viewing sales statistics and store performance.
  3. Communication with Customers:
    • Direct communication with customers through the store's contact form.
    • Promptly responding to customer inquiries.
  4. Order Management:
    • Viewing and managing orders containing your products.
    • Accurately updating order statuses.
    • Possibility to handle returns and refunds.
  5. Commissions and Payments:
    • Monitoring the commissions generated from each sale.
    • Requesting withdrawals of earned commissions.
    • Converting commission balances into voucher codes.
  6. Store Customization:
    • Selecting attributes, features, shipping methods, and brands for your products.
    • Configuring SEO settings to improve store visibility.
  7. Reporting and Reviews:
    • Receiving reports from customers about suspicious or abusive products or stores.
    • Viewing customer ratings and reviews.
    • Maintaining a high standard of service to obtain positive reviews.
  8. Statistical Control:
    • Accessing the control panel with detailed sales and store performance statistics.
    • Using statistical information to optimize sales strategies.
  9. Assistance and Support:
    • Access to assistance and support for problem resolution or technical assistance.
    • Contacting the marketplace administrator for specific questions or issues.
  10. Seller Account Management:
    • Possibility to add or remove other store managers.
    • Configuration of permissions for added store managers.